The Tipping Point

Being “first” doesn’t always mean a win.
The writer makes a valid point about the what could be called a relentless onslaught of of “implementations” that have so exhausted those on the front lines, they have just enough energy to function day to day in their classrooms.
This week, I have STEM projects to grade and record, Benchmarks to grade and record, report card grades to be entered, and two PLC’s which will eat up precious time that could be used for these and other instruction related tasks.
And, oh yeah, I’m teaching too – in a room with flourescent lights that sound like an amplified bee hive. They drive me crazy, and even my students ask, “Could we please turn out the lights?’
So, too, while reform proponents are talking about a “world-class” education – (whatever that is), many teachers are in the dark about what is brewing on local, state and national levels regarding their profession, and how though it too may pass, will cause irreparable harm to our profession and to our children.

Minding My Matters

Since I began teaching in August of 2001, there have been many changes in education. For every change, every transition, every “newfangled” thing, there have been folks all around saying, “this, too, shall pass. We’ve seen it come and we’ll watch it go, and if we’re lucky enough to still be around, we’ll see it come back again later.” Part of me believes that’s exactly why the education profession has become so degraded and maligned; if educators always blow with the wind and never stand up IN PUBLIC for what we know is right, we become part of the problem. But that’s a story for another day.

Over the past year there has been a groundswell of awareness of and disciplined rebellion against the never-ending parade of reforms with associated acronyms often more memorable than the actual name of the regulation. Article after article has surfaced demonstrating multiple angles behind…

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